Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ready for the Information R/Evolution?

This is a compelling video from Michael Welsh at Kansas State University. It has interesting implications for how we construct, connect, and convey information, as well as for how we prepare students for a ubiquitously linked Web 2.0 world vs. a fixed-media, stored-information world. Moreover, there are serious implications here for how we teach information literacy, critical thinking, and decision making in the context of this r/evolution. Learning outcomes, learning theory, and learning technology all come into play as we tackle this challenge. But the key question may be not wether are our students ready for this change . . . but are we?

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Peter Godwin said...

Dear Mark,
You may be right! I posted about this very video a few days ago on my little blog Information Literacy meets Web 2.0
The video makes the point so well that we can research in a non-linear way ; information is being cut into smaller pieces ; the importance of understanding context and of being able to evaluate what is found.

Peter Godwin