Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Higher Learning

On Sunday I had the great pleasure of keynoting the Higher Learning Commission's 111th Annual Conference in Chicago. What a powerful event with more than 3,700 leaders from across the North Central Accreditation region. When I reflect on the evening, I have to once again note how impressed I am by folks like Steven Crow, Executive Director of the Commission. Even in the face of the open, broadside attacks on accreditation—the core purpose of his organization—he challenged these higher education leaders to listen to the criticisms, be thoughtful in analyzing the issues, and to come together to respond. He could have launched into a dogmatic diatribe, but he’s not an education reactionary that bristles and bites at any challenge of the education community. He’s quality leader of a powerful education body that is committed to driving positive change. He and the insightful leaders he catalyzes will continue to make a difference in education because they don’t simply defend the status quo; they work together to thoughtfully champion quality learning.

I’ll be posting a bit from my speech and the resulting white paper a little later today. In the meantime, I just wanted to pass on a little of Steven Crow’s Higher Learning!

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Anonymous said...

Mark, I really enjoyed the keynote address, and thank you for the high praise of our efforts and leadership of Dr. Crow. Every day I believe I become more dedicated to the cause of higher education, and presentations like yours are helpful in maintaining that momentum. Thanks, again. I hope that I can return often to your blog and become involved more in the dialog that is taking place.